General FAQs

How do I make contact with the school?

Please visit our contact us page for further details.

Where can I find information about the staff at the school?

Please see our staff page here.

Where can I find out about the different events taking place?

Visit our calendar.

Where can I find the most recent newsletter or latest news?

Visit our newsletter page or latest news. You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Current Parents

How do I arrange a meeting with my child's teacher?

Please call main reception on 0121 773 8156 to leave a message for your child's tutor, who will be in touch to discuss any concerns you may have.

What are the timings of the day?

See our timetable for the week here.

What is served for lunch?

We update our menus on a regular basis. See our latest menus in circulation here.

What happens on Progress Review Meetings?

Progress Review Meetings are used by the academy to allow families to meet with form tutors and discuss their child's progress at school. Discussions will centre around academic progress, behaviour, and attendance. All parents will receive a report sheet during this meeting. Other opportunities and events are organised to support families during the year, such as Options Events, Careers Fairs, Settling In Evenings, and Year 11 Study Skills Sessions.

How do I report a student absence?

To report a student absence please ring main reception on 0121 773 8156 and select the 'student absence' option. To ensure that our records are accurately maintained, please ensure you provide the students' full name, tutor group and the reason for the absence..

11. Where do I find copies of letters sent home?

See our Academy Letters page.

12. What happens if a student gets detention?

If a student receives a C1 detention from a teacher he/she is to attend a 'same day' detention for 30 minutes at the end of the day. The location of the detention will depend upon the student's year group. If a second detention is received on the same day, then the detention will be one hour in duration. Students are provided with literacy and numeracy work whilst attending detention and the same high standards of behaviour are expected during this time.

Prospective Students

My child will be starting secondary school in the near future. How do I apply?

Please see our admissions page for all the links on how to apply to Ark Boulton Academy, including all the necessary Local Authority Forms.

My child currently attends another school. How do I find out if there are any spaces at Ark Boulton?

Please see the in-year admissions section of our admissions page. Once you have completed our application form, the school will be in touch to inform you when a space is available. Any questions, please contact our main reception on 0121 773 8156.

Where do I find information about school uniform?

Please see our uniform page to see a list of requirements and stockists.

How do I find out more about the curriculum?

Visit our curriculum pages for both Lower School (Key Stage 3) and Upper School (Key Stage 4).

What are your term dates?

Please click here to view our term dates for the year.