Functional Skills

Functional Skills aim to secure basic literacy and numeracy skills and to help people function effectively in work, life and study, by focusing on the practical application of these skills in real situations. This includes communication, team working, presentation and problem- solving skills that are then transferable to other areas of education, training, life and work.

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As with GCSEs, they are regulated by the government. Functional Skills were reviewed in 2018 to improve their relevance by equipping students with the knowledge and underpinning skills required for everyday life and work, and to improve their recognition and credibility with employers. First teaching began in 2019.  

Functional Skills allows students to access further education at the following establishments in Birmingham: 

Solihull College will accept Functional Skills for some of its’ courses e.g. some BTECs, however they may have to do their GCSE alongside the course.  

South and City will accept Functional Skills to progress to Access to Higher Education courses or level 2 BTECs.