Science - Mani Sandhu

“The school is purposeful and well-led. The ethos is spectacular, and the curriculum is well designed and organised. We have created a warm and welcoming environment in the science department, with a strong focus on curriculum deep dive. I believe all new teachers need nurturing in order to develop their passion and love for the career, and as head of department I work hard to ensure this is provided consistently.”  
- Manvir Sandhu, Director of Science 

Anastasia - English

“I began as a Teach First trainee, to an NQT, and now have become a core member of the English department at Ark Boulton. I have benefitted from the chance to delve into the classroom with a hands-on approach. The training has been second to none and allowed me to flourish. Ark Boulton has a supportive environment enhanced by the open-door policy, allowing us to watch and learn from each other. There is always room to ask for help. Alongside this, the school has focused ‘personal development days’ every week which allow us to grow in all aspects. I value that the school uses research-based approaches to education and allows us the opportunity to test these in our own classrooms. The school is made up of a rigorous routine and high expectations for ourselves and our students – this connects with my personal philosophy and has provided me with room to grow.”  
- Anastasia Brickley, Second in Charge of English

Robana - Finance/Ops

“As a non-teaching member of staff, it was when I first attended Arts Fest, the schools summer celebration and saw the talent that the students had – they were singing and playing instruments – it exemplified the passion and love I have to work here.”  
- Robana Malik, Finance Manager 

Sam Jones - Maths

“This is a supportive school with strong team ethics for departments to work closely together. I appreciate that there is a good push to build the character of students alongside their academics.
It is a great place for those early in their career due to the immersive style of training. In my 6 years of teaching, this school has progressed my teaching more than any other school – it has made me a better teacher.”  

- Sam Jones, Maths Teacher 

Jane Andrews - English

“If you are excited at the prospect to be stretched and challenged in order to grow then Ark is one of the most beneficial places to teach. They encourage students and teachers to be the best versions of themselves. I’m grateful that they push us to be better, as the harder you’re pushed the stronger you’ll grow.”  
- Jane Andrews, English Teacher