Narrative and Intent

Our approach to our curriculum has evolved to reflect increased rigour and substance. It is more integrated in subject expertise to enable greater sustainability, consistency and intentionality. Through this, we can create the conditions to know every child in our Form Groups and Subject Classes. We are intentional in making sure that everything we do in Lower School is connected to a narrative for each year group.  

This narrative is derived from the Ark Boulton mission: “It takes a whole community to bring up a child”. In context of each year group, this mission means: 

In year 7, My identity and my place in our Ark Boulton community. 

In year 8, My place in my local and virtual community. 

In year 9, Awe and wonder: my place in our global community.  

Science English Maths

Computing History Geography

Religious Studies, French, Art,

Drama Music Health and Wellbeing

Food Technology