KS3 History

The History department at Ark Boulton supports all students to become effective Historians. History is an important subject as it provides students with the knowledge and skills to fully participate in a pluralistic and democratic society. The purpose of our History curriculum is to enable students to answer and frame historical questions to become independent and confident historians. The substantive knowledge students acquire through our curriculum enriches their sense of identity as it provides them with an understanding of their place within the local, national and global context. Further, the knowledge focus of our curriculum is transformative, equipping students with the cultural literacy required to compete with their contemporaries and in turn upskill their communities. Additionally, through the pursuit of history students learn how to analyse evidence and draw informed conclusions, skills which are important in a range of subjects and professions.

Meet Our Team

Ms V Hudson - Director of Humanities

Miss P Gordon - Head of History

Miss M Khanom - Teacher of History

Ms E Bulman - Teacher of History

Ms L Branchett - Teacher of History

Our Curriculum

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 7 The Roman Invasion of Britain Roman Britain The Norman Invasion of England Medieval Britain The Crusades World History during the Middle Ages
Year 8 The English Reformation The English Reformation Industrial Britain Industrial Britain The British Empire The British Empire
Year 9 Rebellion and Revolution across the globe Rebellion and Revolution across the globe The Rise of Hitler Nazi Germany and the Holocaust The causes of the Second World War The Cold War