KS3 Music

'We live in one of the best cities for opportunities for the arts in the UK.​ The Creative Arts faculty thrives to challenge the perception of the arts in the local community and provide opportunities for students to explore the arts in both a local & global content. In turn, we hope this will open up a range of job / career opportunities our community of students may never have thought about before. ​What a wonderful opportunity we have all been given to inspire and teach our students.​'

Our Curriculum

  Topic 1 Topic 2
Year 7 Stomp and Sing   

In this unit, students will be performing (using their bodies and voices as instruments), composing and notating a Stomp inspired whole class piece and one in smaller ensembles. Students will also explore how the voice can be fully utilised through performance and composition.  Students will compose within a given structure using 4 beat rhythmic patterns as their building blocks. Students will learn how to notate their rhythmic patterns using staff notation.

Band Musicianship (Four chord Songs)   

Students develop an understanding harmony, chords and chord relationships whilst developing keyboard and guitar/ukulele skills.  They develop ensemble skills that support connected playing and learn about chord charts and rhythm grids. 

Year 8
The Beauty of Baroque
Students develop their keyboard skills and their ability to play an independent line within a polyphonic texture by playing a piece of Baroque music as part of a small ensemble.  They deepen their understanding of the relationship between melody and harmony by composing short original melodies to fit a given ground bass. 
Band Musicianship 2 - The Blues
Students settle on an instrumental ‘specialism’ and look to progress their technical and ensemble skills as they perform and improvise within a band.  They consolidate and extend their knowledge of harmony and improve their musical literacy as they work from staff notation, chord charts, rhythm grids and tablature. 
Year 9

In this unit, students will explore to the musical ideas in different styles and traditions through performance and analysis, and listening and appraising.   

Students will also deepen their technical skills on their ‘specialist’ instrument and engage with more complex melodic, rhythmic and harmonic material by fusing two contrasting musical styles/traditions

Band Musicianship 3 - Song writing
Students draw on their knowledge of musical elements, specialist instrumental skills and creativity to compose and perform an original song.