KS4 Art

The faculty of Art is dedicated to enabling students to challenge themselves, become confident risk-takers and explore their creativity to become great artists. The subject of Art has been designed to enable all students to develop their artistic skills, creativity, independence and imagination. It will help you gain knowledge on various Art and Design practices, including a range of artworks and artists.

Meet Our Team

Ms S Al-Hanoush - Director of Creative Arts

Miss J Fisher - Head of Art

Ms Y Crawford - Assistant Principal (Quality of Education Lower School) and Teacher of Art

Mrs R Moseley - Teacher of Art

Ms A Chapman - Teacher of Art

Mr L Tyler - Creative Arts Technician

Our Curriculum

  Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 10 Developing coursework Developing coursework Developing coursework
Year 11 Refining coursework Exam Preparatory Work Exam


Career Options

There are an endless amount of career opportunities if you were to pursue Art in your further education. The skills you would gain in studying Art can lead to careers in various areas, such as:
• Artist
• Art curator
• Illustrator
• Architect
• Teacher / lecturer
• Fashion designer
• Photographer
• Art therapist
• Games designer
• Jeweller