KS4 Character Development Curriculum

Building on the Lower School Character Development Curriculum, students in Upper School dedicate four and a half hours, through an intentionally planned programme, on developing the Future Skills (academic and personal) required for a successful transition into adult life. Students engage with the performance virtues and recognise how these affect their life decisions. Students learn how to work with others, build confidence, become resilient by overcoming barriers and hardship and have new independence to confidently access the wider world beyond Ark Boulton Academy. As a result, through perseverance and determination, students will flourish as individuals to be successful in pursuing a career or apprenticeship of their choice. Through these skills, students will be motivated to serve as future leaders and role models in both local and global communities. 

The impact of our approach is measured through: 

  • Behaviour and attendance data  
  • Rewards System data 
  • Destinations data 
  • Student Outcomes 

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