Following on from our motto, "it takes a community to raise a child", we have put together a number of resources and guides to support you to support your child.

We understand that due to Covid-19 you may have developed many ways to support your child at home. We would like to continue strengthening this partnership by providing teaching tips and resources to help you all, as a family, learn new skills and support your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Ark Boulton Virtual Academy

Our Ark Boulton Virtual Academy (link at the top of this website) provides students with access to lessons and resources put together specifically for them by their teachers. Watch the video below to learn more.

Home-School Agreement

You can help to create the right conditions for learning at home.

When studying, your child should give full attention to their work and should work free from distractions; so it is important that they work alone and in silence. If possible, your child should have access to a quiet place to study with a desk and no distractions. They may need to use their mobile phone to access work that has been set online but it is advised that you monitor this so that they are not being distracted.

A daily routine is really important. Try to make sure that your child gets up at their usual time and follows their daily timetable. As well as giving a sense of normality, it will also ensure that weaker subjects are not neglected. Your child will potentially be distracted by the draw of video games, television and social media. However, we suggest that these are used as a reward at the end of a day of studying, rather than throughout the day.

We advise your child has regular breaks to keep them motivated and able to maintain a high standard of concentration and work.

If there is only one laptop or PC available, you may need to give priority to children in examination year groups.

Students in all year groups will be able to complete 6 hours of learning per day using online resources plus homework.

Examination groups in Year 11 are also expected to complete additional revision activities as they would if the school were open.

How to help your child revise

How to Use Seneca

This video explains how to use Seneca when studying at home