Ark Boulton Academy operates a small school structure. That is, students learning in Years 7 to 9 are part of our Lower School Community. Students then become part of Upper School for their GCSE years. Our 2 small schools, within the wider character of Ark Boulton, have strong identities. This is visible in décor, uniform, key events such as assembly, curriculum and the support that we are able to offer our students and staff. 

Our role in Lower School starts with welcoming our year 7 students as they arrive from our 21 neighbouring, feeder primary schools. We equip our students with the knowledge, skills and character to go on to be successful in their GCSE studies. After primary, and before Year 10, it is our moral and professional responsibility to help our Lower School students to develop into confident and articulate young people who value and respect others under our 4 building blocks of character: 

  • Moral Virtue (Character) 
  • Intellectual virtue (Subject pursuit of knowledge) 
  • Civic virtue (Community awareness)  
  • Performance virtue (Self-management) 

This approach enables our Lower School students to enthusiastically contribute towards upskilling their community through supporting ‘siblings’ at school and family at home. They are able to do this through having a strong understanding of their own character and their place in our Ark Boulton and their home communities. 

Ark Boulton Virtual Lower School

As some of our students are required to stay at home we have provided the below resources to support them. Please use the link relevant to your year group. You can also visit this page for more resources.

Independent Learning

Our Feeder Schools

At Ark Boulton, we are extremely fortunate to be a strong part of the local community. Each September we recieve children from many wonderful local primary schools. We appreciate that for the majority of our year 7 intake, we are the parents' first choice of school for their child. It reminds us of the important role we play within the community. Learn more

Understanding your GCSE Options

At Ark Boulton Academy we know the value of high value qualifications and it is for that reason that the depth for breadth curriculum we offer students is designed to maximise opportunity.

In order to be successful in Key Stage 4, students need to demonstrate a high level of commitment. Alongside developing subject knowledge students need to possess good written and spoken communication skills, independent study and revision habits and the self-discipline to make sure they are preparing for assessments, meeting deadlines and striving to be the best versions of themselves.

It is only right then, that student’s use courage to make the choices of which subjects will make up their curriculum. In the same way we guide and foster the development of subject knowledge and study skills, we will use compassion to guide students in the subject choices they make, supported as always by parents and carers.

This booklet will help you gain a better understanding of the course of study for Key Stage 4 at Ark Boulton, the key requirements for each subject as well as some broad indication of possible future opportunities that could be opened up to students who achieve the required grades.

Options Booklet