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As an Ark Academy we subscribe to, and are passionate about, the six pillars that we believe are fundamental to students receiving an excellent education.

High Expectations

Ark Boulton’s mission is simple. We love our children. Ark Boulton is a family where staff care for pupils as they would do their own children. As a whole community we bring up our children to have the character, skills and knowledge they need to be successful at university and in the career of their choice.​

Growing together we support our students to develop a lifelong love of learning; a sense of personal and civic pride and the confidence to not just navigate the modern world, but to shape it.  Ark Boulton children will reach higher to be articulate and confident, while securing the best academic outcomes. We will provide opportunities to develop outstanding character for which they will be  recognised in society as: compassionate, charitable and self-disciplined young adults who will have the humility to be role models for generations to follow, in service to: ​

  • looking after their families ​
  • Becoming role models for younger generations​
  • Upskilling a community ​

Excellent Teaching

At Ark Boulton we are teachers of subject, literacy and virtue

Our students develop visibly strong subject knowledge and are clear about what is expected to be achieved by the end of each lesson.​

We take our students on a learning journey through the scripting of rigorous, objective driven lessons, as a result of a deep understanding of what great looks like. ​

Our students are committed, curious learners who make strong progress, this is evident within their developed oral and written responses.​

At Ark Boulton, students display determined and gracious resolve in the face of challenge.​

Exemplary Behaviour

We love our children. Ark Boulton is a family where staff care for pupils as they would do their own children. We are committed to ensuring that all students make excellent progress and develop outstanding character. We believe that in order to be successful  students must develop self-discipline and be given autonomy to make the right choices. This will enable our students to learn the habits of mind and character traits to be leaders and role models in their communities.​

The climate and conditions for learning in the academy are focused on purpose rather than control. Exemplary behaviour is a consistent expectation not an aspiration of students.  Whenever students meet or exceed our expectations we celebrate this joyfully. We believe that this will help our students to grow together and foster self-discipline, compassion and honesty that will serve them now and help them to reach higher.​

We believe in our students. We believe they aspire to and deserve to succeed. In order to achieve this we nurture them, allowing them develop in a safe environment where they can exercise gratitude, commitment and humility as well as respect for the rights of others.

Depth for Breadth

Excellent subject knowledge is a critical element in ensuring depth for breadth at Ark Boulton Academy. Our teachers are fluent in the specifications that they will teach and are able to use these to systematically plan backwards to ensure the formation of academically driven objectives. As a result, students are taken on a rigorously joyful learning journey.

Students are supported in deepening their understanding of how to improve because they receive quality feedback following effective formative assessment, review and re-teach approaches.​

Lead Learning Time deepens students’ sense of culture, language, morality and identity. Language is the foundation of learning and ensuring that students command a rich vocabulary and are articulate will enable them to enjoy academic success and deepen their love for learning throughout their lives.​

Knowing Every Child​

We love our children. Ark Boulton is a family where staff care for our students as they would do their own children.

We believe that preparing our students for life in modern Britain goes beyond our investment in students’ developing knowledge of careers, aspiration and enrichment.  This means that we provide opportunities for students to develop morally, socially, spiritually and culturally.  These themes run throughout our Virtues Curriculum.

Our students learn about themselves, others and the society in which they live and about democracy, tolerance, diversity and the rule of law.  Our Students demonstrate their understanding of these themes through expositions and service to their local and global community.

In addition, ‘The Boulton Pledge’, enables our students to explore themes relating directly to their emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing as well as positive relationships. They learn how to keep themselves and others safe, underpin the importance of supporting our students to learn about themselves in depth.​

Always Learning

The underpinning philosophy supporting our work at Boulton is that we are seeking to become the best versions of ourselves through our teaching and leadership. We are a community of professionals who value each other and know that it is our collective responsibility to support and develop each other. We seek to realise this sense of value through tangible actions within our daily practice.  As a result of this, we can secure excellent teaching and strong outcomes for our students.  In turn, this enables them to go on to a university of career of their choice and make a significant contribution towards up-skilling and becoming role models within and beyond their own community.​

At Ark Boulton we are teachers of subject, literacy and virtue. Subject and Virtue Curriculum Deep Dive is dedicated each week to support this valuable work within teacher learning communities.  Where possible, our teachers teach within one Key Stage.  This enables them to refine practice and plan in greater depth.​

We are part of the Ark family of schools and as such, our staff value a collegiate approach to working and accessing a regional support network in Birmingham and within the Ark network.  This gives continual opportunities to share practice, act as critical friends and access to world-class training and development. ​