At Ark Boulton Academy we work together to ensure that each of our children can overcome barriers to learning, catch up where needed and achieve at the highest levels by working harder, behaving better and making faster progress than children in other schools and academies. Our students will experience a broad, balanced, and inclusive curriculum throughout their journey at Ark Boulton Academy. However, this is not enough! We want MORE for our children. We have developed an underlying “character nurturing curriculum” through the following moral and performance virtues to enhance the Ark Boulton curriculum. 

Character development is continued through the academy’s rich comprehensive enrichment programme which includes sport, cultural, creative and other activities. This helps them develop key personal skills and aptitudes such as communication, leadership, team work, and problem-solving that are so sought after by today’s top universities and employers. This curriculum is tailor-made for students within lower school and upper school.

Our Ten Moral Virtues

Our academy is founded on ten virtues, which are at the heart of our culture at Ark Boulton. We believe these virtues are important in developing character, and have a positive impact on achievement. Students will understand the meanings of virtues and practise them until they become habit. They will be able to apply them in their daily lives and be better able to navigate moral and ethical dilemmas so that they can identify themselves as virtuous people. Students will learn how to make practical, wise decisions for a successful life. Virtues will prepare our students for life in modern Britain so they can be caring, compassionate citizens committed to shaping and improving society.

Our Performance Virtues

These virtues are based on the ability to self-manage so that we can be virtuous role models to siblings and family members, contribute to running a home and bring skill to our communities. They are character traits that have an instrumental value in enabling the intellectual, moral and civic virtues.