Our relationship with parents is central to the success of our students, and the academy as a whole. We welcome opportunities to work in partnership with you and your family, so that your child gets the most out of their time at Ark Boulton Academy.

Coffee Mornings

We offer a drop in coffee morning for parents to meet with senior leaders in the academy on Fridays at 9-10am, on MS Teams.

If you would like to share your views or have a concern relating to your child, please fill in this form so that you can be added to a meeting on MS Teams, by your email address.

You will receive an email invite with a link to the group meeting.

If you prefer to speak to us with a confidential matter about your child, please email:

For lower school:

For upper school:

Parent Sessions

We have organised a range of workshops and parental drop-in sessions for networking, support and offering practical advice, to build relationships between the parent community and Ark Boulton Academy.

Some of the sessions will be based on the following topics:

Topic Description
Identifying our own teenage experiences For parents to reflect on their own experiences as teenagers and envoke compassion and understanding in order to deal with thier own teenagers.
Adolescence To help parents understand that adolescence is a time of transition and change and that adolescents have particular needs.
Identifying our parenting style The role and responsibilities of a parent to include provisions for daily life as well as love, care, support and discipline, what parents need to fulfil their roles and responsibilities, exploring different parenting styles.
Rules and boundaries To help parents explore different approaches to discipline, setting ground rules with rewards and sanctions, learning new strategies for problem solving.
Bringing it all together Reflect on previous sessions and share learning and practical tips.

Please note: These sessions are currently on hold due to Covid-19 safety measures. Dates of future sessions will be given as soon as possible.