Professional Pathways

Professional Pathways is a sixth form programme offered exclusively at Ark Schools.

The course is a high quality, vocational alternative to A-levels, ensuring students develop the skills they need to succeed at university and throughout their careers.

For hard working, ambitious pupils who want to go to do great things but don’t think A Levels are right for them, Professional Pathways are a fantastic alternative

What is a Professional Pathway?

  • A combination of academic qualification and wrap around opportunities to ensure you are well prepared for university or top apprenticeships.
  • You will study a Level 3 qualification (equivalent to 3 A levels).
  • The course is assessed through both coursework and exams. This offers an alternative to traditional, exam-based A-Levels, which many students prefer.
  • Professional Pathways students also have exclusive opportunities to engage with top employers and universities who will deliver sessions, workshops and events throughout the course.
  • Through Ark’s unique work readiness programme, you will develop the essential skills you need to be successful at sixth form and beyond.