Rewards and Appreciations

Student Acknowlegement and Praise 

We want students to be motivated by the intrinsic value of achievement, however, we are committed to acknowledging students for developing good learning habits. Students will be told individually and collectively (as a teaching group, form group or year group) when they have met the academy standards for good behaviour. We want them and their parents to know how they are doing what is expected of them. Good behaviour will be recognised both informally and formally.

  • Attitude to Learning – ‘Leading the Way.’
  • Postcards.
  • Student Appreciation Weeks.
  • Weekly Year Assemblies.
  • Half termly Year Assemblies.
  • Termly Achievement Assemblies.
  • Annual Awards.
  • Student Leadership.


Weekly Recognition and Appreciation

Each week form tutors review attendance, behaviour and (where appropriate) progress data with tutees as part of the regualr programe of form time activities.  As part fo this weeky review students are acknowledged and praised based on their attendance, attitude and conduct based on the previous week and merits are awarded as appropriate.

The form of the term award is largely informed by an aggregation of attendance, discipline and service merits.

Attendance Merit Awarded weekly by tutors to those students who have maintained perfect attendance during the preceding week.
Discipline Merit Awarded weekly by tutors to those students who have demonstrated outstanding conduct and attitude to learning in the preceding week by having no negative behaviour incidents.
Service Merit Awarded by staff when a student has undertaken service to peers, the academy or the community.  E.g. Performance in an academy production, represented the academy externally, worked to improve the academy environment, provided help and support to a peer.
Merit Awarded at the discretion of staff to those students who have exceeded expectations in terms of conduct or standards.