Service is 'a helpful act' or the 'contribution to the welfare of others'.

By serving others:

  • we help others feel good
  • we create a sense of belonging and purpose
  • we keep things in perspective
  • you boost your self-esteem
  • we create stronger friendships

How do we demonstrate service?

In school:

  • By clearing my own rubbish and serving others in the canteen.
  • By keeping the academy environment clean and free from litter.
  • By giving my talents and time for others to strengthen the community.
  • By having generosity in spirit, thoughts, words and deeds so that I can help others whenever this is needed as well as inspiring others to do so.

During home learning:

  • By serving my family during lockdown by helping around the house.
  • By understanding that my family may be going through changes or challenges due to the Covid pandemic situation.