Welcome to the academy staff page. At Ark Boulton we are fortunate to have a rosta of dedicated, well-qualified and hard working people. Staff wellbeing is at the heart of what we do at the academy and we know that for staff to become the best versions of themselves we must invest in their training, which is why as part of Ark's commitment to continuing professional development we have twice the number of training days than is normal. 

Senior Leadership Team

Ms F Ahmed FCCT - Principal

Dr C Entwistle FCCT - Vice Principal (Safeguarding & Personal Development, DDSL)

Ms Y Crawford FCCT - Vice Principal (Academic Curriculum)

Mr A Rashid - Vice Principal (Behaviour & Attitudes)

Ms V Hudson FCCT - Assistant Principal (SEND & Reading)

Miss L Crutchley-  Assistant Principal ( Personal Development: Wider Opportunities)

Mr N Mughal - Assistant Principal (Attendance,Behaviour, Rewards & Celebrations)

Miss V Savage- Assistant Principal (Attendance,Behaviour, Rewards & Celebrations)

Mr S Farooq- Assistant Principal (Assesment, Data & Digital Communications)

Miss N Munawar-Assistant Principal (Behaviour, Rewards & Celebrations)

Mrs A Chauhan - Operations Manager & DPL


Mr N Turner- Director of Safeguarding (DSL)

Dr C Entwistle FCCT - Vice Principal (Safeguarding & Personal Development, DDSL)

Mr E Higgins - School Counsellor / Senior Mental Health Lead

Mrs T Heywood- School Nurse

Ms J Dodd- Pastoral Administrator


Welfare Team

Mr A Patel - Senior Director of Welfare

Miss N Saddique - Director of Welfare

Mr O Unuarhemhen- Welfare Lead

Mr B Amjad- Welfare Lead

Miss R Rathbone-Welfare Lead

Mr D Bickerton - Welfare Lead

Ms L Bayliss-Farley - Welfare Officer 

Mrs S Georgiou - Character & Culture Lead

Mrs S Hussain - Character & Culture Lead

Mr C Taylor- Character & Culture Lead

Faculty of Science and Innovation

Mr M Omer - Director of Science

Mrs A Mackie - Subject Coach: Science (Biology)

Ms S Hussain - Teacher of Science (Physics) and Character & Culture Leader

Mr M Banares - Curriculum Lead:Teacher of Science (Chemistry)

Mrs S Khan - Cover Supervisor

Mr S Mahmood - Senior Science Technician

Mr T Wing Lam- Science Technician


Faculty of Mathematics

Ms F Malik - Director of Mathematics

Mr K Singh- Curriculum Lead: Teacher of Maths

Miss M Delbrocco - Lead Practitioner in Mathematics

Mr J Kasimi - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr S Sadique - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr P Willett - Teacher of Mathematics

Ms I Yousif - Teacher of Mathematics

Ms J Gyoh - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr O Nasir- Teacher of Mathematics

Faculty of English Language and Literature

Miss F Fazil - Director of English

Ms K Harrison - Second in Charge of English

Dr C Entwistle FCCT - Vice Principal & Teacher of English

Mrs J Andrews - Curriculum Lead

Ms A Akhtar - Teacher of English

Mr S Hazem - Teacher of English

Mr F Johnson - Teacher of English

Dr I Aziz - Teacher of English

Ms S Gardner - Teacher of English

Miss T Mousaf - Teacher of English

Miss M Javaid - Director of Enhanced Provision & Teacher of English 

Mr F Zwane- Teacher of  English (ATT)

Faculty of Computing and Business

Mr S Sidhu- Director of Computing

Ms K Muzondo - Head of Business Studies

Mr S Farooq- Assistant Principal, Teacher of Computing

Mr M Ahsan - Teacher of Computing

Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr D Sadi - Director of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms R Fay - Head of KS3 Modern Foreign Languages

Mr L McGourty - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr B Vickery - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Miss M Javaid - Director of Enhanced Provision & Teacher of Urdu

Faculty of Creative and Performing Arts

Ms S Al-Hanoush - Director of Creative Arts

Miss C Finneran - Head of Art

Mr C Wood - Head of Drama

Mrs S Georgiou - Charactre & Lead, Head of Drama

Ms Y Crawford FCCT - Vice Principal & Teacher of Art

Mrs R Moseley - Teacher of Art

Mr L Tyler - Creative Arts Technician

Faculty of Humanities and Global Citizenship

Miss Megan Leydon- Director of Humanities

Miss M Khanom - Head of History

Ms E Bulman - Director of ITT/ECF & Teacher of History

Ms L Oglesby - Teacher of History

Ms V Hudson - Assistant Principal  & Teacher of Geography

Ms K Harris - Teacher of Religious Studies and Citizenship

Miss A Kauser- Teacher of Humanities

Mr P Hassan- Teacher of Humanities

Miss U Iqbal - Teacher of Religious Studies 

Faculty of Health and Well-Being

Ms L Huckstep - Director of Health and Well-Being

Miss L Crutchley -Assistant Principal & Teacher of PE

Mr C Taylor - Character & Culture Lead & Teacher of PE

Mr F Arkey- Teacher of Physical Education

Mr J Allen- Teacher of Physical Education

Mrs J Kasirye- Teacher of Food and Nutrition

Mr K Zahoor - Food Technology Technician

Faculty of Enhanced Provision

Miss M Javaid - Director for Enhanced Provision, Teacher of English & Urdu

Mr P Ptak - Leader of Enhanced Provision

Miss J Bibi - 1:1 Mobility & Support

Mrs G Bhogal - 1:1 Mobility & Support

Ms N Brazil - 1:1 Mobility & Support

Mr Q Hussain - 1:1 Mobility & Support

Miss M Ali - 1:1 Mobility & Support

Mr R Mahmood- 1:1 Mobility & Support

Miss N Gayle- Teaching assistant (Physical Education)

Operational Staff

Mrs A Chauhan - Operations Manager & DPL

Mrs R Ali - Receptionist & Administrator

Miss R Hazell - Receptionist & Administrator

Mrs S Zahid - Receptionist & Administrator

Miss N Akthar - Receptionist & Administrator

Miss H Hassan - Communication, Reprographics and Admin assistant

Mr S Blaber -Exams & Assessments lead 

Mr S Hooper - Building Services Manager

Mr M Singh - Site Supervisor

Mr A Azam - Site Supervisor

Mrs R Malik - Finance Manager

Miss E Kassim - Finance Assistant

Mrs H Geir - HR Administrator

Mr M Hussain - IT Technician

Mrs B Smith - Librarian

Mrs J Smith - Catering Manager

Mr S Washington - Deputy Catering Manager