In Upper School, students embed and develop their academic and character development by applying their knowledge and skills to practical, real-life scenarios through the material they engage with. This not only prepares students for the best possible outcomes in terms of their examination results, but also prepares students to take on the role as civic leaders in their community.  

The narrative of ‘shaping our future and influencing the ever-changing world around us’ runs across both Years 10 and 11. Similar to our broad range of examination specifications, we commit to equipping our students with a depth and breadth of relevant future skills over their two-year journey in Upper School (Character Development, Subject and Welfare) through the embodiment of Practical Wisdom. 

Using the tiles below, you will be able to read further about the course pathways that we offer to our Upper School Students which include a full GCSE pathway or an Alternative Provision pathway.

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Life After Ark Boulton

Now that you have left Ark Boulton, you should be fully focussed on preparing yourself for the future in front of you.

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Ark Boulton Virtual Academy

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Consolidating Your Learning

We know that revision can be challenging. You need to decide what it is that needs revising, the method of revision to choose and the resources to use to undertake that revision. To make things a little bit easier we have created an independent learning and revision materials section below to help you navigate you through the revision process. We have also invested in a number of resources below to support your ongoing learning process.

Upper School is a really important time of your life and we know that the time up to the completion of your final examination can be stressful. Research shows that the most effective revision technique is to complete examination questions. Your teachers have collated these for you. Part of the revision process is ensuring that you identify questions that you find difficult and use your revision guides to help you fill the gaps. Sitting and reading a revision guide for hours on end is not an efficient revision technique, great revision means applying the skills that you have learnt.

Revision Apps

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