Safety & Welfare

Ark Boulton offer a range of support services to help keep you safe. Alongside your Welfare Tutors, the school provide access to a school counsellor and school nurse. If you have any concerns about your safety or wellbeing, report them using the sharp system.

Our Welfare Team

Safeguarding Team: 

At Ark Boulton Academy our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Mr N Turner- 0121 773 8156/ 07551 679 842

Dr C Entwistle is our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DDSL) and SLT-0121 773 8156/ 07534 083 593

Mr N Turner is the Designated Teacher for Looked After Children. 

Should you need report any safeguarding concerns, please email or

What is Safeguarding?

At Ark Boulton Academy we want every child to be happy, healthy and safe at school and at home. We place a significant importance on safeguarding within the school as we recognise the impact of having a stable environment for children to flourish. We appreciate that there are occasionally challenges within a family which may make it more difficult to provide a safe and secure environment for children. When these challenges arise, we work with families and external agencies to aim to return the home and family environment to one of safety as soon as possible. 

All of our staff have been trained to recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect. We have 2 members of staff in school who have received advanced safeguarding training. This means they are trained to respond should a child tell us something concerning, or should we have reason to believe that a child is unsafe. Our staff are trained in accordance with Keeping Children Safe in Education and Working Together to Safeguard Children, the statutory guidance which all schools in the UK must adhere to. All staff have been trained to recognise signs of Radicalisation, Female Genital Mutilation, Child Sexual Exploitation and many other specific risks in accordance with government requirements. 

If we are worried about a child or a family we have a duty to act and in some cases we will be required to share our concerns more widely. The team of professionals we work with are here to support families. If we need to ask you or your family further questions to clarify anything which we have noticed or are worried about, please do not be alarmed. We have a duty to do so and we are always acting in the best interests of the child. Anything we discuss will be confidential and shared only on a strict ‘need to know’ basis. 

Please see below for useful links for parents. You will also find relevant staff and parent safeguarding briefings on topical or urgent issues uploaded here: 

Protecting children from abuse online

Expert advice on keeping children safe online

General advice on all issues affecting young people

Friendly, confidential drugs advice

Government publications on safeguarding children


What to do if you are worried about a child

If you are worried about a child or an issue in the local community please email 

Follow this link to learn more about Keeping Children Safe in Education. 

Our Character Curriculum

In terms of a proactive approach, we also teach every child about a number of topics over the course of the year which are designed to help keep them safe. We call this the ‘character curriculum’, and it is delivered through dedicated lessons over the course of the school year. 

The character curriculum teaches our pupils to stay safe, lead healthy lives and make well informed choices about their futures. It involves the explicit teaching of character and values, collective worship and PSHE/RSE in addition to assemblies, celebrations, and current affairs. The PSHE/RSE curriculum has six strands – Identity, Safety and Security, Rights and Responsibilities, Careers, Health and Relationships and Sex Education. 

Personal Safety

At Ark Boulton, we work closely with West Midlands Police to help keep our students safe. Below we share some suggestions to help you protect yourself from harm.

We know how much your personal belongings can mean to you, and the impact they would have if they’re gone. We hope you never find yourself in a position of having any of your belongings stolen, so we want to pass on some simple steps that can help prevent that happening…

  • Keep your phone out of sight
  • When leaving the gates try traveling home with your mates
  • Keep your bags closed and close to you

Remember, be aware and take care.

In an emergency call 999.

Chat to West Midlands Police on Live Chat between 8am - midnight, or call 101 anytime

Birmingham Children's Partnership

Please read this letter for a range of both emergency and on-going support services, designed to help you.

Below you can also find information on a virtual drop-in centre and chat services.

The telephone number for Birminghams Childrens Trust is 0121 303 1888.

Birmingham Community Services - Services

Pause - Forward Thinking Birmingham

Need someone to talk to? Struggling to cope with feelings? Forward Thinking Birmingham is here to help

Register for support via their website or call 0207 841 4470 and they will arrange to call you back.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
  • Saturdays: 10am - 5pm

Who can use it?

  • Individuals under 25 years old.
  • Parents looking to support their child who is under 25 years old.

How do they help?

During each 20-30 minute call they will focus on ways forward, including providing:

  • Self help strategies, skills for managing difficult situations and feelings
  • A non-judgemental listening ear
  • Details of other organisations that may be able to help

Additional Support

Below we have listed a number of support services you can contact. There are also a few articles that might help you along your way.

Aquarius: 0121 622 7780

Cruise: 0808 808 1677

Young Carers Support: 0121 355 2707

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111