Welcome to Ark Boulton! We hope you will be joining us in September!

To make the transition process easier and to introduce you to our school, we have included a number of links, resources and documents to help you.

Once we know you have been given a space at this school via Birmingham City Council, we will be in touch to support you through the transition process

If you have any questions please email admissions@arkboulton.org or call our school office.

Ark Boulton Academy also hosted its first Summer camp in August 2021. Please see below for further information.

Our vision for your child

Our motto is 'it takes a whole community to raise a child', and at this unprecedented time this is even more important as we see parents and teachers finding new ways to work together.

Together this cooperation and respect for one another helps us work towards our vision:

"As a learning community we aim to grow together in understanding and cooperation, respecting each other's needs, beliefs and backgrounds, working even more closely to fulfil individual potential for the greater good. Together with families and the local community, Ark Boulton Academy is dedicated to helping our young people to develop a lifelong love of learning, a sense of personal and civic pride and the confidence to not just navigate the modern world, but to shape it."

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