Parent Reporting Policy

At Ark Boulton we report to families, three times each academic year, the progress their child is making. Families will receive their child’s report during a ‘Progress Review Day’ that is hosted at the academy, once per term. Progress review days are held after the academy has completed its assessment week; marked the tests; moderated them and standardised the results against those achieved by students from across the Ark network.

During the Progress Review Day parents will have an appointment with their child’s tutor to receive their report and discuss how well they are performing at the academy.

A student’s printed report sheet will include a number of elements including: their behaviour information; attendance; a table that informs parent and child as to how well they are performing in each of the subjects that they are completing; an attitude to learning score and their reading age.

Our policy can be read in full here: PDF iconReporting to Parents Policy 2018 - 2019

Hard copies of all policy documents are available upon request from the academy reception.