Why Work For Us?

The very best training and support - helping you to progress and be the very best that you can be.

Ark Boulton is a transformative school environment, from the inspirational quotes on the walls to the encouraging, virtue-led language used by staff, the school is focused on the development of teachers and student alike within a family model. 

“The school environment is a family one. Colleagues show care and compassion towards each other and I feel valued and appreciated every day. There are opportunities (and encouragement) for personal development and career progression. This is supported by in school and online training courses and days.”
- Jess Cooper, Mental Health Lead 

Training and development

We know that it is our staff who really transform pupils’ lives. That’s why we help everyone to be the very best they can be. There are opportunities for online training and bespoke learning and mentoring programmes. We also offer:

  • Twice the standard number of training days to teachers throughout the year
  • Dedicated co-planning time twice a week
  • High quality training from the Ark Network
  • Approximately 25 students and below class sizes
  • Double the number of inset days in comparison to non Ark academies
  • Faculties are grouped together in their own dedicated space and classrooms, alongside working areas and offices

“As an NQT the training has been invaluable. I have received a lot of support from the Senior Leadership Team and from within the department. There is always someone to offer advice and guidance when required.”
- Uzma Salim, Geography Teacher 

“I enjoy being part of a supportive and highly organised department who help each other. This makes teaching easier. We have a set structure for how to teach, so students know what to expect. It also allows us to go back to lessons we have already taught and improve them by reviewing and deepening our subject knowledge and teaching styles.”
- Jane Andrews, English Teacher 

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