KS3 Virtual School

Dear Parents, Carers, students and wider families,

We hope you are keeping safe at this unprecedented time. As time goes on, we are conscious of the challenges you are facing at home. Most importantly therefore, we want to reassure you that we are here to help.

For any questions you have please email us at info@arkboulton.org and we will respond. This is particularly important if you are experiencing difficulties concerning your child accessing our online materials or if you need us to provide you with paper versions instead. Please do get in touch.

In addition to this, please expect at least one daily text message on your mobile phone. This will be a message specific to Lower School students and yourselves to offer support or relay important information or updates.

There is also a page to support you and welcome our Year 6 students. Here, you will find additional resources and ideas to help occupy your children, of any age at this time. We particularly recommend the English Mastery materials and Oak National Academy along with lighter things such as Art and Music projects.

For our Year 9 students, we have created a digital form for you to select your GCSE options. Please use this link for more information.

We also invite all our pupils to participate in the weekly art challenge competition - there are prizes to be won!

As this is an unfamiliar situation, please do let us know if there are things that we have not thought of. Again, emailing us is the best way to do this.

In the meantime, keep safe and stay at home.

Kindest Regards,

Miss Entwistle

Vice Principal (Lower School)



Please use your 'Independent Learning' materials in relation to this timetable

9am - 9.30am PE PE PE PE PE
9.30am - 10am Break/
10am - 10.45am English
Mastery Writing
Mastery Poetry
(Sir Linkalot)
10.45am - 11.30am Maths (Seneca) Science (Seneca) Maths (Seneca) Science
Maths (Seneca)
11.30am - 12.15pm Geography
French (Seneca) Science (Seneca) French
History (Seneca)
12.15pm - 1pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1pm -1.45pm History (Seneca) Art Music Religious Studies Drama
1.45pm - 2.30pm Reading Reading Reading 
/ Year 7 Computing
Reading Year Group Assembly
1.45pm - 2pm
2.30pm - 3.15pm Update Reading Journal Update Reading Journal Update Reading Journal Update
Reading Journal
3.15pm - 4.30pm Enrichment Activities Enrichment Activities Enrichment Activities Enrichment Activities  


Use the below links to find specific resources:

Parental Home Learning Tips


Calling All Year 7's!

We are in the process of creating a booklet for Year 6 to welcome them to the Ark Boulton family and we need your help! 

All you would need to do is contribute a colourful drawing to illustrate what your life was like during Year 7 at Ark Boulton. For example, you could draw a picture of your favourite subjects or perhaps a drawing of a typical school day as a Year 7 student. It's up to you! 

The quickest to reply will get shortlisted and the best drawings will feature in our induction booklet for Year 6! One lucky winner with the best drawing will even receive an Amazon voucher! 

All drawings should be sent to Miss Fay via e-mail: r.fay@arkboulton.org

Happy Drawing!


Art Competition

Click here to find out the details and enter each week!



The School Games is a National Initiative open to any young person. It forms part of the legacy work after the London 2012 Olympics and is an opportunity for young people to play, compete, and represent their school in a wide range of sports and activities. Anyone can have a go at a challenge but you must be between 4-16 year’s old to submit results and attend a Birmingham Educational Institution. We strongly encourage parents/carers to get involved in supporting their child with their challenges too.

To learn more and register using our unique code 'Central', click here

Any questions regarding registering, please use this USER GUIDE


Virtual Assembly

Please note: The assembly video will be updated in time for your weekly assembly on Friday afternoon, and any required links will be added below. If you missed any previous assemblies they can be found here.

Ark Sports Day Challenge /  Justgiving Page



Complete the virtual work assigned:

1 - Intro make a sketchbook

1 - Shading

2 - Shading practice 3D

3 - Draw the eye

4 - Shade the eye

5 - Research part 1

6 - Research part 2

7- Tonal Shapes

8 - Cubist Eye

9 - Cubist Photomontage

10 - Cubist drawing

11- Piccaso Portrait

12 - Cross hatching

13 - Ruler face

Also visit these sites for more drawing practice:

Tate Kids

Color - American colour matching game

Color Mandala

Quick, Draw!



Complete the activities on the various tabs of the site below:

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Drama Remote Learning Link

Year 7 & 8 Drama Project

Lessons 1 - 3

lesson 4-5 summer term

Lesson 6 summer term

Lesson 6 (set design template)

Lesson 7 Lighting

Lesson 7 lighting workbook page

Lesson 8

Lesson 8 Sound Workbook page

Year 9 Drama Work

Ark Drama Week 1 - Glossary

Ark Drama Week 2 - Stanislavski

Ark Drama Week 3 - Stanislavski

Ark Drama Week 4 - Stanislavski

Ark Drama Week 5 - Glossary

Ark Drama Week 6 - Brecht

Ark Drama Week 7 - Brecht

Ark Drama Week 8 - Brecht and Stanislavski

Ark Drama Week 9 - Brecht and Stanislavski

Ark Drama Week 10 - Glossary

Ark Drama Week 11 - 'Aladdin' Review Preparation

Ark Drama Week 12 - 'Aladdin' Review Writing

Please email your work to: s.georgiou1@arkboulton.org (Mon - Fri between the hours of 8am-4pm)



Year 7

Year 7 - Poetry

Year 8

Year 8 - Animal Farm Book

Year 8 Activity Booklet

Year 8 Animal Farm Resource Booklet

Year 9

Year 9 - Journey Poetry

Additional for all years

Radio Blogging - Daily English Lesson

English Mastery Activities (also suitable for Primary aged children)



Year 7 weather investigation



Year 7

Medieval Monarchs Booklet

Online Resources

Medieval Life

Year 8

Tudor Booklet

Online Resources

Year 9

Suffragettes Booklet

Holocaust Booklet

Online Resources



PiXL Maths App for personalised revision

Corbett Maths for videos, worksheets and practice papers

Maths Genie for graded videos, worksheets and practice papers

Mathematics Mastery Activities (also suitable for Primary aged children)



Dear all Year 7, 8, 9 Music students,

I hope you and your families are well. It is important for you to keep up with your music studies during this time, particularly keeping on top of your your instrumental / theory skills.

You will need to watch and engage with the Year 7, 8, 9 videos found using the following link: Ark Music Resources
Enter the password sent via parental text message on 23/04/20 to access the site.
Complete the activities in your red music book in blue / black pen and mark your work in green pen, just as you would in school.

If you take instrumental lessons you may have received a letter recently regarding virtual instrumental lessons. If you would like to participate in these, you will need to email me so I can put you in touch with your instrumental teacher via the App MS Teams.

There is also a wealth of resources below for you to access and engage with.

Feel free to email me any questions, pictures of completed notes / work you have done / videos of you practising your instrument. I would love to see what you are accomplishing in music during this time.

My email address is s.al-hanoush@arkboulton.org

Best wishes,

Miss Al-Hanoush

Head of Music


Ark Music Resources (Enter MusicResources to access the materials)

Services for Education resources Username: arkboulto Password: rzBpJnbH

Musical Elements: 

Flash Card Game / Quizzes


How to Video / Bitesize Ten Pieces / Using Technology

Compose Your Own Music: Sound Trap / Band Lab / Fruity Loops, or download the GarageBand app on the Iphone or Apple Mac.


How to Perform


Evaluating Music

Further resources available here


Religious Studies

Date Topics and Reflective Questions
27th April Please watch: BBC Bitesize A-Z of Religion                                     

Then reflect by answering the questions here

4th May Creation Stories
11th May E is for Extremism
2nd June G is for Goddesses
15th & 22nd June RS Work
29th June RS Work
6th July RS Work



My World of Atoms


Young Enterprise

Tenner Challenge

My Money Week

Young Money Challenge

1. Cat 3 - Challenge Guidelines

2. Cat 3 - Responsible Consumerism Quiz (PPT)

2. Cat 3 - Responsible Consumerism Quiz

3. Cat 3 - Saving Energy

4. Cat 3 - Fast Fashion

5. Cat 3 - Food Waste

6. Cat 3 - Challenge Summary Sheet


Independent Learning Booklets

Year 7 Independent Learning

Year 8 Independent Learning

Year 9 Independent Learning


Seneca Learning Platform

Click here to learn how to use Seneca.

The codes required to access content are as follows:

Subject Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
History ldd1gz3m67 ga2ajuhmr4 zyvpc0eejr
Geography 2k8w4mlbn1 etdw9tjf1k 9e9d3gkh9a
Science (combined) ct8fyxr6cf u2fbs3yxa4 f7ev38n333
English wxl6lkfeg8 uwgauwtuct co110qxvqi
Mathematics nj0cfqw5g9 j77co3j7x hlfibb8q2b
French w496pwcw3k sff4ozsbck u3e30qpm6t
Computing  (ABAComp1) q481v9mv9d