On this page we will be adding a host of resources to support you to support your child.

Alongside teaching tips and resources, we have added a number of activities that will keep your child busy and engaged when at home. The activities will allow them to relax, learn new skills and support their mental and emotional wellbeing. They can be completed by individuals or whole families.

We hope you find it useful and we will continue to add more resources as time goes by..

Home-School Environment Teaching Tips

How to Use Seneca

Recreational Activities

Skills and Experiences Social, Emotional & Mental Health
Virtues Education Free School Meals Support


Envision Fundraising

A team of Year 10 students from Ark Boulton Academy in Birmingham have been taking part in Envision's Community Apprentice programme which develops employability skills and confidence in young people through community participation. They have chosen to raise awareness and funds for FareShare, because they are passionate about tackling the issue of food waste. Before the Coronavirus outbreak, they managed to raise awareness in school by making a video about food waste and presented it during an assembly for year 8 students.

Their planned fundraising event has been cancelled due to the pandemic. However, they are still passionate about the charity and completing the project, so please help them to reach their goal and support this local cause! Donate here today.


Home-School Environment

Whilst operating the Virtual School, you can help to create the right conditions for learning at home.

Your child should give full attention their work and should work free from distractions; so it is important that they work alone and in silence. If possible, your child should have access to a quiet place to study with a desk and no distractions. They may need to use their mobile phone to access work that has been set online but it is advised that you monitor this so that they are not being distracted.

A daily routine is really important. Try to make sure that your child gets up at their usual time and follows their daily timetable (as shown on their Virtual School page). As well as giving a sense of normality, it will also ensure that weaker subjects are not neglected. Your child will potentially be distracted by the draw of video games, television and social media. However, we suggest that these are used as a reward at the end of a day of studying, rather than throughout the day.

  • We advise your child has regular breaks to keep them motivated and able to maintain a high standard of concentration and work.
  • If there is only one laptop or PC available, you may need to give priority to children in examination year groups.
  • Students in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 will we able to complete 3 hours of learning to complete per day using online resources.
  • Students in Year 10 and Year 11 will be able to complete 6 hours of learning per day using online resources plus homework.
  • Examination groups in Year 11 are also expected to complete additional revision activities as they would if the school were open. Download guidance for parents in support of GCSE Revision.


Teaching Tips

Advice for Parents from the University of Birmingham

English Mastery Activities (for Primary and Secondary aged children)

Mathematics Mastery Activities (for Primary and Secondary aged children)

Stem Resources (for all ages)

BBC advice for Parents

Oak National Academy and BBC Teach provide resources and live lessons for all ages


Virtues Education



Values Guide for Individuals

Understanding Character Strengths and Virtues

Virtues and Values Exploration (Involves character exploration - watch a show or read a book first)

Thinking Hats (Developing critical thinking and awareness of a whole situation)

Healthy Minds Program - Free mobile app to develop self awareness and perspective

eQuoo: Emotional Fitness Game


Recreational Activities

Hide and Seek with objects or Hunts - e.g. An Easter Egg Hunt

Play Games! - Hide & Seek, I spy, Truth or Dare, card games, family favorite board games, Charades, Hangman/Pictionary or many other pen and pencil games.

Catch  - you'd be surprised how addictive this game can be... especially when you change the rules and challenge yourselves.

Art: - Color - American colour matching gameColor MandalaQuick, Draw!

Physical Workout - Workout with Joe (Pick the workout you prefer or try out a whole playlist)

Literature - Read or listening to a new book... Amazon Audible is currently free (they're mainly kids books but there is also a section on literary classics)

Music - Have a sing-a-long or a dance competition - There are many karaoke and Just Dance videos on youtube (so you can join in without buying anything new)

Jigsaws -  online, order some new ones or you can always make your own...

Brain Games - Brainteasers and puzzles

Drama - Watch Broadway and West End Shows online, or put on a play! There are a host of sites that offer free scripts for you to choose from. Alternatively you could write one - the only limit is your imagination...


Skills & Experiences

Hall Green Families Summer Support for Schools

Music - Learn some musical skills with:

Gareth Malone's Great British Home Choir

Ollie Tunmer's daily body percussion videos

Learn to play the Guitar or Ukulele with Mr Matthews

Cooking - There's a list for 50 Recipes Everyone Should Know29 Best Vegetarian Recipes, plus the world of Google and Pinterest to keep you busy...

Sewing - You can have free online sewing lessons

Poetry - Participate in National Poetry Writing Month, and continue the skill long after

Redecorating - The shops might be shut, but some deliver... B&Q, Wickes and Amazon might just be able to help you out... It can be a great bonding experience, as well as a chance to learn new skills and upgrade your environment.

Skillshare - This one costs a little, but can be a great place to learn and develop skills with expert advice and support


Social, Emotional & Mental Health

Reconnect - Use conversation starters to learn something new about each other. There's a great selection on this site.

6 ways to improve your well being - booklet designed by Mrs Edwards

Healthy Minds Program - Free mobile app to develop self awareness and perspective

eQuoo: Emotional Fitness Game

WOW Mental Health Pack

WOW Emotions Pack

WOW Motivation Pack

WOW Magic of Music Pack

Podcasts and Videos from Think for the Future

Action for Happiness App - Please note: there is a social media element that we would like you to be mindful of, if and when using the app.


How to use Seneca

This video explains how to use Seneca. The appropriate modules can be found within your child's virtual school.

Alternatively use these links: KS3 Seneca / KS4 Seneca